The European Path 1 in Sicily

The European Path 1 in Sicily

The Sicilian path of the E1 is the most southern section of Europe; a part of the around 8000 km that separate North Cape from Capo Passero, 260 km are in Sicily, from Capo Peloro up to the end of the path, that’s exactly Capo Passero. Since the arrival to Messina, as soon as he climbs on the Peloritani mountains, and then along the whole run, the excursionist can realize the show that the nature offers to the traveller among unique panoramas, millennial woods, ancient farmhouses, medieval hamlets, cultural places, art, wines and typical kitchen. Once he reaches the Valley of the river Alcantara, the traveller cannot help but admire the rare show of the nature: the valley sometimes rugged and sometimes sweet on which the river flows among lava throats, waterfalls, jumps, little ponds, and beyond the valley, the majesty of the volcano Etna: the Etna, the greatest active volcano in Europe on which we can walk in absolute safety experiencing unforgettable feelings.

Left the Etna behind, the look will start to space on the plain of Catania and on the Iblei mountains, enormous spaces on which an earthquake has strucked in 1693, giving origin, after the reconstruction, to the most beautiful places of the Sicilian Baroque, Unesco world heritage; to mention some of them: Catania, Buccheri, Palazzolo, Avola, Ispica, Ragusa and Noto, known as the European capital of the Baroque. Through rivers, lakes, natural reserves, cities of art and culture, and with the sea to our side, we finally reach our destination: Capo Passero, terminal of the European path 1.

The city of Catania will welcome the participants at hotels 3 ***

Official gadgets: Backpack – technical t-shirt – Guide book

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