F – Valle dei Templi


The famous valley of the Temples is so called for the Doric temples still standing. It was the acropolis of the ancient Akragas (Agrigentum), one of the most important Greek cities of the ancient world. The beautiful temples stand out against the horizon of the hill, giving one of the most suggestive landscapes in the world: among the numerous ones we remember the Temple della Concordia temple of Concordia, perfectly entire, one of the better preserved Greek temples in the world; the temple of Olympic Jupiter, the third greatest in the antiquity, whose collapsed ruins arouse amazement to the visitor; the temple of the dioscuris, with its columns that rise romantically solitary on the horizon, and then also the Temple of Juno, of Hercules, the Tyrant Terone grave… All places that will leave fascination and amazement to the visitor
of this charming archeologiacal area

Pullman: 2 h and 15 min

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