D – Villa Romana del Casale e Aidone


The Roman “Villa del Casale”, UNESCO World Heritage, attracts many visitors from all over the world in the heart of Sicily. More than a villa, it is a real imperial building, with over 50 rooms, considered among the better preserved and more luxurious Roman villas in the world.
On a vast net of gangways raised above the floor, the visitors can admire the famous mosaics of the villa, that cover for 3500 mqs the floors of all the rooms. They show a wealth of different themes, taken by every day life; the themes of mythology and hunting or of fights in the arenas, but also the famous “girls in bikini.” The whole complex includes a total of five partitions: the entry around the atrium, the thermal baths, the peristyle with its numerous rooms, the great basilica and the elliptic triclinium.
Then, we can visit the archaeological museum of Aidone where is the Venus of Morgantina, splendid statue devoted to the goddess, work of a disciple of Fidia; in the same museum we can view hundreds of finds coming from the excavations of the ancient Greek city of Morgantina.
Pullman: 1 h and 20 min

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