C- Tour di Siracusa


For centuries, the ancient Syracuse has been the greatest and powerful city of the island, able to be in rivalry with great cities as Athens, Carthage and Rome. Still today the majestic buildings of preceding ages are numerous, that testify the glory and the splendor of the city. The Greek theater, the Roman amphitheater, the Ear of Dionisio, the Grave of Archimede, passing from the harmonious old city with the Cathedral (the ancient Temple of Atena, turned into the Christian church), the Maniace Castle, the mythical Aretusa fountain and the Temple of Apollo, up to the first Christians artifacts in the catacombs of St. John.
In the island of Ortigia, first nucleus of the city, antiquities merge with the medieval and Baroque architectures, built in a dazzling white stone; the small and narrow medieval streets suddenly open on the beautiful sea of Syracuse. Visiting Syracuse gives therefore to the traveller an unique emotion, among past antiquities and present beauty.

Pullman: 40 min

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