B – Tour di Catania


“Melior de cinere surgo” – I rise from my ashes more and more flourishing. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Catania has risen after every destruction caused by earthquakes, lava flows or wars. Enrolled in the World Heritage List, the center of the city is a splendid example of Sicilian Baroque architecture.
The city, almost entirely destroyed by the 1693 earthquake, has been rebuilt with a rational urban order, with scenic squares and stupendous buildings in Catanese Baroque, characteristic for its two-colours given by lava stone and calcareous stone from Syracuse. Its Baroque churches are many and original, as precious gems set among the Catanese eighteenth-century buildings. Unique indeed is the monastery of St. Nicolò la Rena, the greatest in Europe, sumptuous building in Baroque style. There’s a lot of monuments of the Greek-Roman period, dipped among the buildings of modern age: the Roman amphitheater,
the Greek-Roman theater and the
odeon, thermal baths and
rests of Roman villas.

Pullman: 10 min


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