A – Tour di Taormina


Taormina is perched in picturesque way on a terrace of sheer cliff. The small city, that enjoys of a position in front of the majestic scenery of the Etna, has been for centuries a destination aspired by tourists coming from all over the world. The most famous attraction in the city is the Greek theater, whose beauty manifests itself in the amazement aroused from the splendid natural stage with the Etna in the background.
Besides the theater, however, it is possible to visit the Cathedral of St. Nicola, the small Odeon, the Roman thermal baths, the noble palaces in Gothic style. The best way to know the most artistic and curious aspects in this famous small city, is walking on the main street, on which characteristic shops lean out, but from which arise medieval narrow streets that conducts to spellbound and out of the time places; hidden in the corners,
you find the tables of the typical restaurants, where it is possible to taste the good local specialties in a jet set atmosphere, but available to all.

Pullman: 35 min

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