9 – Necropoli di Pantalica e Fiume Anapo


Wonderful path leading to discover a calcareous canyon of Iblei mountains, full of remains of very old civilizations. This path is inside the natural reserve of “Pantalica e Valle dell’Anapo”, which owns natural beauties and remains of very ancient civilizations, which led this area to be enrolled in the world heritage list by Unesco in 2005.
This path, winding along the remains of very old railway fallen into disuse, leads the hiker through a picturesque path made of dark tunnels and bridges, which open to clear and pure lakes of Anapo river.
A flourishing vegetation surrounds this river.
The glorious landscape, around the path, strikes thanks to its deep calcareous canyons, dig by Calcinara and Anapo rivers during hundreds of years.
Along the sides of this canyon there are more than 6000 prehistoric cave tombs, a palace dated back to Mycenae culture (some historians think it is Hyblone king’s palace), Byzantine churches and houses (VII sec after Christ), sheep pens and farmhouse.
Biodiversity is shown along the path such as: the rare Oriental platano grows on the river, and in general dominates the Mediterranean maquis (including willow, ash tree, hornbeam, holm oak, terebinth, Pistacia lentiscus, bushy euphorbia).
Concerning fauna, it is important to point out the rare Sicilian trout and tench. Different species of birds of prey like: peregrine hawk and eagle are also present. Finally rabbits, fox, marten and weasel are available.
It is a suggestive journey to finding a Sicilian treasure.

Scheda tecnica:

location: Monti Iblei
length: 10 km
altitude min: 200 mt
altitude max: 270 mt
total altitude difference: 150 mt
duration: 5 h
difficulty: medium-easy;
typologie: runway track, single track on rock,
Pullman: 50 min

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