7 – Da Piano Vetore a Monte San Leo


The first part of the itinerary develops in the top part of the highest volcano in Europe, where it is possible to appreciate various distinctive features of vulcanological origin: the 2003 lava, a hornitos, a volcanic cave as a well, readapted to snow deposit; a typical lava rock called “Pietracannone.”
The route continues along the southern slope, crossing the endemic tree species along the way, such as the Ginestra dell’Etna and the beautiful centuries-old Castagno (Castanea sativa), alternating with lava (eg the recent eruption of 1983) where it is possible to observe effusive lava craters and overlapping lavas. It is possible to meet wildlife elements including raptors and rodents, as well as insects such as the “aurora dell’Etna” butterfly, especially at risk of extinction. Evocative shelters and picnic areas are passed at Monte Manfrè and Monte San Leo, the latter is the final destination of the excursion.
At the end of the excursion, is to visit Nicolosi and the Etna Vulcanological Museum, hosted at Mario Gemellaro’s birthplace, who was
known volcanologist living in
Nicolosi in the ‘800

Technical information

Location: Monte Etna – south face
Length: 8.5 Km
Minimum altitude: 1198 mt
Maximum altitude: 1760 mt
Total altitude difference: +100 mt; -562 mt
Duration (including stops): 4 hours
Typology: runway track, single track on volcanic rock, short stretches on asphalt.
Pullman: 30 min

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