6 – Rifugio della Galvarina


The route – developped as a ring – is situated in the top zone of the Etna (between 1500 and 1900 meters), allowing the excursionist to appreciate the manifold naturalistic landscapes of the Etna.
Departing from the south side (Piano Vetore, 1700 mt), the first kilometers of the route are developed along the “Pista Altomontana”, principal path of the Etna. Here different naturalistic particularities of volcanic origin can be appreciated: the lava of 2003, stopped in proximity of the path, a hornitos, a volcanic cave as a well, readapted to snow deposit; a typical lava rock called “Pietracannone.”
The path continues crossing a wood of tall laricio pines, forwarding itself in the west slope of the Etna. After some kilometers the panoramas open showing the whole oriental Sicily: from this moment the Nebrodi mountains, the Erei mountains, the highland of Enna and the lake of Pozzillo serve as frame to the walk. On the right, the imposing outline of the summit zone of the Etna stands above, and it suddenly goes down on the path.
You reach the shelter Galvarina (1878 meters), an ancient refuge of shepherds adapted for welcoming the excursionists. Here you have a break for the lunch, and you visit the adjacent volcanic hornitos.
You continue in descent in west direction. Sections of path in the wood (to prevalence of pines and oaks) are alternated to ones on lava. You finally come again in the south side, where the excursion started.

scheda tecnica

Location: Monte Etna
length: 12,5 km
altitude min: 1558 mt
altitude max: 1930 mt
total altitude difference: 550 mt
duration (including stops): 5 h et 30 min
difficulyu: medium
typology: runway track, single track on volcanic rock,
Pullman: 30 min

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