4 – I Crateri Sartorius e la Grotta dei Ladroni


This path, among the most suggestive and frequented of the territory of the volcano Etna, it develops along the 1865 series of volcanos, also called “bottoniera”, “Sartorius Mountains”, allowing to appreciate all the vulcanological aspects related to a typical eruptive activity of Etna (for example: eruptive cones aligned like buttons, lava flow, vulcanic bombs, residual products, vegetal colonization). From the top of mountains we enjoy a suggestiv visual on the summit ridge of Etna, where the side of the ancient volcano “Ellittico” prevails, that reached almost 4000 meters of altitude. In front we appreciate Taormina, the Peloritani mountains, Strait of Messina, a costellation of volcanos, from the most recent (black and redish) to the most ancient (covered in woods).
The volcanic cones are immersed in a unic vegetal landscape typical of Etna: on a black volcanic sand land grow the latest examples of birch of Etna, an endemic plant that has been capable of adapting to the variable weather of the sicilian volcan and the sandy ground. Under the birch forest, it strikes the glade constituted by heads of endemic kind (example: Rumex of Etna, Astragalus siculus, tansy, that grow on the land of volcanic ashes).
At the end, a visit to the volcanic cave of Thieves, a perfect example of volcanic cave, riadapted with some arrangements in a snow deposit. This cave has been immortalized plenty of times in the drawnings of the Grand Tour’s visitators in Sicily.

technical information
location: Monte Etna – east face
length 7 km
altitude min: 1600 mt
altitude max: 1770 mt
total altitude difference: 250 mt
duration: 4 h and 30 min
difficulty: easy;
typologie: runway track, single track on volcanic rock, traits on volcanic sand
Pullman: 45 min

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