2 – Dalle Forre del Fiume Alcantara al Castiglione


The Alcantara River has its springs on the Nebrodi Mountains, but it is the Etna that gives it the water and the soil on which it develops.
Touched several times by the Etna’s lavas, the river recaptured its space by digging its bed into the hard lava basalt. Here are some suggestive gorges and lakes in the lava, polished by the constant running of the waters. Our itinerary will allow us to appreciate the Alcantara river and the green and rural areas that surround it.
Studded along the path, numerous ancient vestiges: the Saint Domenica “Cuba”, national monument, which is perfect Byzantine church made in lava stone; the bridge of Roman origins of St. Nicholas; Nineteenth-century farmhouses and the remains of an old railway of the 1930s.
Destination of the excursion, the medieval center of Castiglione di Sicilia, chosen among the most beautiful village in Italy, dominated by the thirteenth-century castle that we will visit.

Location: Valle Alcantara
Length: 9 km
Minimum altitude: 398 mt
Maximum altitude: 528 mt
Total altitude difference: +80 mt; – 161 mt
Duration (including stops): 4 h and 30 min
difficulty: easy
Typology: runway track, single track on volcanic rock, short stretches on asphalt.
Pullman: 40 min

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