11 – Oasi di Vendicari tra Archeologia e Natura



Vendicari is one of the first Sicilian protected areas, established in 1984 with the aim of protecting a coast area, which is an essential place for the refreshment of migratory birds migrating from Europe to Africa and vice versa.
The route allows you to appreciate intact paths along a coastline touched by a crystal clear sea.
Alongside this path a lot of past remains are visible: some basins to produce garum from Greek-roman period, some tanks to work tuna fish and some latomies as well.
By the Byzantine period, the citadel of Maccari, where there is a necropolis and Trigona, a typical Cuba (oriental church). The Swabian tower, which stands impressive on the rocky coast, is of late-medieval times. Lastly, the tuna factory made in white stone and some salt basins used in the production of salt.
The lakes are home to a number of species that have become permanent, from flamingos, to spatulas, to cormorants, to the herons, to the folaghe. The vegetation, consisting mainly of shrubs, bushes and aquatic plants, is rich in biodiversity, depending on the terrain, alternatively rocky, sandy, palustre and river.
The effect is of a wild and majestic landscape, which arouses a sense of immensity
and amazement in the soul

scheda tecnica

location: coast of Siracusa
length: 7 km
altitude min: 0 mt
altitude max: 30 mt
total altitude difference: 50 mt
duration (including stops): 4 h and 30 min
difficulty: easy;
Typology: runway track, walk along the coast
Pullman: 55 min

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