1 – Megaliti dell’Argimusco e Bosco di Malabotta



The path is the residue of the ancient laned once used for the transhumance, and it just lies inside an ancient wood of Turkey oaks in north east Sicily, in the reserve of the Wood of Malabotta. These old laned today are become some paths that keep inside manifold endemisms. A valuable landscape feature is offered us by unbelievable panoramas and by an enchanting secular wood of Oaks and Beech trees. Near Mountain Croce Mancina, from the top of Pizzo Voturi, placed at 1325 meters above the sea, it is possible to admire a panorama that develops from the Tirreno to the Ionio, the Eolian Islands, and concluding itself with the valley Alcantara and the Etna. An itinerary that offers the possibility, to whom crosses it, to be able to enjoy of extremely suggestive natural scenographies as well as to know and to appreciate the “Megaliths of the Argimusco”, one of the more fascinating, suggestive and enigmatic archaeological areas of this part of Sicily.

Location: Monti Nebrodi
lenght: 11 km
minimun altitude: 700 mt
maximum altitude: 1330 mt
total difference of altitude: +381 mt; – 908 mt
duration (including stops): 6 h
difficulty: medium, some traits challenging
typology: runway track, single track on rock
Pullman: 1 h and 25 min

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